Which day you do not your car and you want it to make money for you this is the system that you should use. The Car Rental System is the middle system between car owners and renters. The car owners can use their own car put in this system to looking for the renter.  When the renters visit this website, their are able to search where is the nearest car available for renting. When renters have found the car, their can put order to rent that car directly on website and then pay the reservation cost to confirm. After that, the owner will contact the renter and ask for the location where the renter need to receive the car. This process renters can also go to get the car by themselves or require the owner for sending car to them. when both of them meet, renters have to pay the rental cost that remaining and take the car.

Features Overview

– Administrator

  • Access all part of web and able to manage everything that car owner can do and can not do.
  • Manage car information (Insert, edit, and delete).
  • Manage car owner information (Insert, edit, ban, unban, and delete).
  • View the report of rental history, payment history, and profit.
  • Etc.

– Car Owners

  • Register and put their car into the system.
  • Manage their own information and their car information.
  • View rental history report of their car.
  • View rental history report of their car payment.
  • Etc.


Used Tools

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java Script
  • Bootstrap
  • Some of jQuery and Ajax


Some of Screenshot

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