Sometimes looking for a place to pray is not easy. If we are at the place where are not familiar with then this application is the choice that we should have. This Masjid Finder Application will search the nearest Masjid with your current location. Moreover, when you choose the Masjid that you want this application will show you the map and the path to the Masjid.  in additional, users are able to add the Masjid to the database’s application if masjid is not locate in that location. To add the new data into the system user just stand at that place where Masjid located then application will automatically add the latitude and longitude you just type the Masjid’s name and the address if you know. After finish adding process, the new Masjid will not be appear until administrator confirm it. Administrator is going to confirm through the backend of the system by login into system portal management and prove the Masjid is located or not.

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