The Online Examination System is the web application provides for students to take the examination online. On this application, teachers can create the examination and publish to the web. The students that enroll this that subject are able to login and take examination. The exam has the limit time to do. Teachers can open and close the examination at any time their want. After finish doing examination, students are able to see their score directly.

Features Overview

– Administrator

  • Access all part of website include the student and teacher zone.
  • Manage teachers and students information.
  • Manage to all class and subject.

– Teacher

  • Manage the students information of his/her class.
  • Create the examination (How many topic he/she want and how many score per topic).
  • Open or close the examination any time (If the examination is closed the students are not able to join the examination).
  • View the score of all students who enroll he/she subject.
  • Manage the examination that already created (Edit, Delete, Open, and Close).
  • Etc.

– Student

  • Login with his/her student id and password to take online examination.
  • View his/her information and manage it.
  • View his/her examination score.
  • Etc.


Used Tools

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • MySQL
  • Java Script
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • Some of Ajax and jQuery

Some of Screenshot

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